Heal, Transform, Connect


True Nature Through Tao, 4 Day Retreat

The Nature through Tao retreat is designed to guide you toward a more harmonious life. You will be given gentle, practical tools that will teach you how to tap into the forces of Nature and your own inner guidance.

We live in an increasingly toxic environment, our water, air and foods largely contaminated. We are exposed to many toxins and all the while our lives are becoming more stressful. We are isolated from what serves us most: Nature; Air, Water, Trees & Forest, Sun. This causes us to fall increasingly unhappy, unhealthy and out of balance.

We invite you on this 4 day journey of reconnection with Mother Nature and Universal Energy. We offer you the necessary “luxury” of time and space to:

* relax restore and rejuvenate in Gaia s womb

* detoxify and cleanse yourself from daily exposure to environmental stresses and contaminants in the body, mind and spirit

* bridge the isolation of what serves you most; Immersion and nature

* learn how to clear your mind, level stress hormones & lower blood pressure instantly

Throughout your retreat you will learn and practice a series of 8000 year old methods taken from the Tao that will teach you to dial into and use these powerful tools at all times in your life, allowing you to experience a more harmonious, joyful and vibrant life.

Some of the methods you will learn include:

“Inner Smile”
A practice in healing our internal organs, transmuting negative emotions stored in these organs into positive energies

“Internal Root”
A practice that allows a connect to our Yin through the Earth’s grounding energies. Used to energize and revitalize our kidneys

Introduction to Qi Gong
Retreat will include daily Qi Gong practice to revitalize the body, remove tension and blockages. To cleanse and stimulate internal organs

“Six Healing Sounds”
A powerful practice used to transform negative emotions into positive ones using specific visualizations and sounds. Cleanses the Mind and Body. Regulates stress hormone levels and stabilizes blood pressure

“Crystal Palace”
Clears the Mind and connect us to our Akashic records

Małgorzata Łuka-Kowalczyk from Poland.
From almost 10 years Małgosia has been practicing and teaching Tao techniques. She is a qualified bio therapist, “Touch for Health” kinesiologist and Hidden Mind therapist and teacher.
In her earlier years, Małgosia was a journalist for 20 years, working for magazines like: Marie-Claire, Cosmopolitan, Newsweek and several major Polish newspapers.

Organizer & Translator
Kasia Przykorska
Kasia has many years of experience hosting personal/spiritual growth retreats, she is committed to creating a seamless and nurturing environment for all guests. She is certified Hatha Yoga Teacher and is also currently studying to become a Hidden Mind Investigative and Corrective Sound Therapy Practitioner. CONTACT KASIA FOR ALL DETAILS AND BOOKING INFO AT 647-234-4483