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Light of the Shadow Retreat February 24-26, 2017
We have already started taking bookings for this event.
Experience deep emotional healing in a safe environment. Get to the root of yourself in this intensive 2 night, magical ceremony surrounded by the serene setting here at Crystal Roots.
According to the Aztec calendar, this day Miquiztli (Death) is governed by Tecciztecatl, the Moon God, as its provider of tonalli (Shadow Soul) life energy. It is a good day for reflecting on your priorities in life, a bad day for ignoring possibilities. It is a day of transformation, signifying that briefest moment between old endings and new beginnings.
The thirteen day period (trecena) that starts with day 1-Tecpatl (Stone Knife) is ruled by Mictlantecuhtli, Lord of the Region of the Dead, god of death. This trecena signifies an ordeal or trial that pushes one to the very threshhold of endurance: it forebodes an abrupt change in the continuity of things. These are 13 days influenced by the sun, which is a symbol of death: the stars are the warriors of the past and the sun is the gateway of that transformation. The sun is singing fire while the
Evening Star guides it through the Region of the Dead: the combined efforts of the elementals are focused on producing a permanent change of heart. These are good days to shed old skins; bad days to cling to what is already known.

Read more here : https:// www.azteccalendar.com/?day=24&month=2&year=2017
Let’s join together in the second retreat of 2017 and plant seeds filled with our hearts desires and wildest dreams. Together we will continue to clear what is no longer needed and transform it into fertile soil for the creation of our soul’s path.
A phone consultation is required before booking.
This retreat is hosted and facilitated by Nubia and Zora with Shaman Mario.Our next retreat is on March 24, 26, 2017

A phone consultation is required before booking any event.