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Healer Heal Thyself Retreat

Experience deep emotional healing in a safe environment. Get to the root of yourself in this intensive 2 night, magical ceremony surrounded by the serene setting here at Crystal Roots.

It is has been our experience and we have also wintessed the transformation that can occur when a healer/practitioner jumps deeply into their own healing. It opens and clears the channels for more powerful healing and facilitation. There is a beauty of seeing healers who are not afriad to continue to heal so that they may expand their depth of service to others.

Private message us for more details. A phone consultation is required before booking. This retreat is hosted and facilitated by Nubia & Zora with Mario.


  • Kim

    Hi there, is the healer heal thyself retreat open to anyone? Do I have to be a practictioner of some kind in order to attend? And what is the cost?

    Thanks so much,


    2:27 am July 11, 2017
  • Sheri Tomkin

    Hi there, Id like more information regarding this retreat. Competition, cost etc.

    This is my first time trying the medicine, so I have questions about that as well.


    10:29 am July 27, 2017
    • Sheri Tomkin

      Accommodations *

      10:30 am July 27, 2017