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Flight of the Condor Retreat

Experience deep emotional healing in a safe environment. Get to the root of yourself in this intensive 2 night, magical ceremony surrounded by serenity here at Crystal Roots.

The intention for this retreat is to invite the powerful healing energy of the Condor. To the native people of the Peruvian Andes, Condor is the thunderbird of the heavens.

Condor energy guides you to unexpected new heights of awareness. Perspectives change, and you start to see life on a bigger, grander scale, one that you never thought was ever possible to see with your own eyes.

Condor people are creators…reasoning creators in that at times are uneasy, or unsure of their own powers. Condor medicine people are quick thinkers, and wise leaders. The sensitive leadership qualities they own may lead them to help others, take them “under your wings’ so to speak. The potential for learning is very high, and the flight of the condor is always changing and going though cycles of transformation…death, birth, and rebirth. Letting go of the old, and bringing in the new.

The ultimate symbol of strength and healing lies within all of us, as long as we nurture it and feed its spirit. We can do anything, and must always return to nature to refresh and change perspectives. Follow nature’s cycles, as a life lesson in that change is the only constant. We are never along if we are at home within ourselves.

Private message us for more details. A phone consultation is required before booking. This retreat is hosted and facilitated by Nubia, Zora & Mario.