Heal, Transform, Connect

Crystal Roots Retreats

Amor de Tierra Retreat

Experience deep emotional healing in a safe environment. Get to the root of yourself in this intensive 2 night, magical ceremony surrounded by serenity here at Crystal Roots.

The intention of this retreat is to focus on our love of Pacha Mama, our love of Mother Earth. Without the great Mother, we would have no home. We intend to focus on spreading healing throughout the world by healing ourselves and our connection to our roots. Beneath our feet lies the answer to many issues and questions that can be answered. Do you feel supported in life? Are you tired and lacking vitality? Do you feel safe in your world? Do you feel spacey and ungrounded? Connecting with the Earth and to the unity of all of its inhabitants is the key. We are all one. There is no separation.

Private message us for more details. A phone consultation is required before booking. This retreat is hosted and facilitated by Nubia, Zora & Mario.