Heal, Transform, Connect

Crystal Roots Retreats

Heal, Transform, Connect


Welcome to Crystal Roots Retreats, a  healing retreat centre, specializing in sacred Shamanic plant medicines and transformative modalities. We are situated an hour’s drive north of Toronto, Ontario, nestled amongst cedar forests and crystal clear ponds. In addition to leading our own ceremonies, we also offer our retreat centre as a rental facility for practitioners and groups.

It is no accident that alternative medicines and therapies are forcing their way into popular culture at this time. People are getting sicker, more stressed, more distracted and more fatigued.  The ailments of our times.

Our commitment here at Crystal Roots is to bring you authentic ceremonies with experienced Shamans whom we trust. We are passionate about our path in creating and holding a safe healing space on this magical native land. Our vision is to build a supportive community that generates self-acceptance, health and abundance.

The healing and transformational path is that of the spiritual warrior,  requiring awareness on the three levels of existence;  mind, body and soul.  Whether you have been walking this path for many years, or are just getting your feet wet, your experience here will serve to deepen and heighten your journey.

Crystal Roots is the place to experience time away from time, providing you with the space to unwind to rewind, disconnect  to reconnect, nourish to reinvigorate.