About Crystal Roots Retreats

Heal, Transform, Connect

ABOUT Crystal Roots Retreats

Welcome to Crystal Roots Retreats, a healing retreat centre, specializing in sacred Shamanic plant medicines and transformative modalities. A few examples are tobacco, curanga, aromatherapy, Bach Flower, Iboga, etc. We are situated an hour’s drive north of Toronto, Ontario, nestled amongst cedar forests and crystal clear ponds. In addition to leading our own retreats, we also offer our retreat centre as a rental facility for practitioners and groups. We also specialize in after-care and integration as a much needed support on the healing journey. It is no accident that alternative medicines and therapies are forcing their way into popular culture at this time. People are getting sicker, more stressed, more distracted and more fatigued. The ailments of our times.

Our commitment here at Crystal Roots is to bring you authentic spiritual journey’s with experienced healers whom we trust. We are passionate about our path in creating and holding a safe healing space on this magical native land. Our vision is to build a supportive community that generates self-acceptance, health and abundance. The healing and transformational path is that of the spiritual warrior, requiring awareness on the three levels of existence; mind, body and soul. Whether you have been walking this path for many years, or are just getting your feet wet, your experience here will serve to deepen and heighten your journey.

Crystal Roots is the place to experience time away from time, providing you with the space to unwind to rewind, disconnect to reconnect, nourish to reinvigorate.


About the Centre

Escape the city and tune into nature. In just over 1 hour from Toronto, Ontario, Crystal Roots Retreats is situated on 5 acres of sacred native land in the heart of the Niagara Escarpment surrounded by lush greenery and private spring fed ponds with crystal clear water.

Property and Rentals

There are two properties on the land. The rental home is a spacious, beautiful, fully equipped waterfront log style cottage. It has a large completely stocked kitchen, dining/living room, 2 bathrooms and 6 bedroom shared accomodations, that can sleep a maximum of 12 guests. We also have a 700 square foot spacious studio space which is perfect for yoga, dance, art, intimate gatherings, etc. Our space is ideal for facilitators holding their own retreats, and for family and group private rentals. During our own retreats, this is where our participants stay.

The second home is where we live and is also used for meal time gatherings and healing circles when we are hosting our own retreats.

The Shamanic Code of Ethics

As a Shamanic Practitioner our sole purpose is to serve people and other living beings on their path to greater good and happiness.

We honour every individual and affirm autonomy of his/her soul path, uniqueness and dignity.

We respect individual’s free will and his/her right to choose and follow their own unique path.

We demonstrate respect for a person’s soul path by offering shamanic healing and/or divination services only upon receiving person’s informed consent and expressed permission.

We offer our help consciously and compassionately from an infinite field of love and compassion and in partnership with fully compassionate and highly evolved spirits of light and love from the Upper World or Lower World.

We strive to demonstrate respect for the cultural and religious values of those that seek our help and refrain from imposing our own values and beliefs.

We protect those who seek our help from predatory/destructive relationships that might have been imposed on them by others and deliver this protection with respect, benevolence and peace.

We respect the diversity of cultural, ethnic, gender, racial, sexual-orientation, spiritual, religious, and disability experiences that people have and strive to eliminate discrimination.

We are mindful of the imbalance of power in the shaman – client relationship and refrain from exploitation of that imbalance.

We refrain from exercising any claims and using shamanic concepts, beliefs, tools and methods as a form of religious or pseudo-religious practice.

We safeguard the confidentiality of our clients when using materials for website postings, educational purposes, written publication or communication with their family or friends.

Our services, whether they are labeled as “counselling” or “healing” are always spiritual in nature and will not replace or undermine proper medical care. Shamanism and spirit intervention have there limits.

We maintain an open and transparent channel of communication and provide clear information about our and our client’s responsibilities, expected applicability and/or benefits of any treatment and the fees for service.

We support and respect our colleagues and the integrity of the shamanic practice. We commit to continuing professional education and training to maintain and enhance our competence.

The Shamanic Code of Ethics at Crystal Roots Retreats are based on the Code of Conduct developed by the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care, the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and the Council for Healing.